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Toluca Watch Company Professional Services


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Professional Watch Repair Services ( A to Z )

At Toluca Watch Co. we repair every type of timepiece, ranging from basic quartz and battery driven watches, to complex mechanical movements, including manual or automatic wind, power reserve, and chronographs, to ultra complicated models such as perpetual calendars, minute repeater, and tourbillon watches.
Need it Fast ?  Most battery services, watch band adjustments and replacements completed on the spot while you wait.


Automatic watch movements are also known as Mechanical, Calendar, or watches that need to be wound daily. By design, the mainspring inside these types of watches applies a lot of pressure to the surfaces of the tiny moving parts. These hundreds of moving parts inside require proper lubrication in order to ensure both, optimum performance and minimal friction and wear on the movement. Over time, these oils naturally begin to dry out and break down, and the parts start the wear. This wear eventually damages the pivots on the wheels and in some cases, damage the jewels which the pivots ride in. If left operating in this condition, the watch will eventually stop working altogether and some parts may require replacement.


Most mechanical watches generally need to be cleaned and oiled every 4-6 years. This is a safe and conservative way to think about preserving your investment in a fine timepiece. You can often go a few years longer if you prevent your watch from getting wet and it continues to keep time accurately. The following symptoms indicate signs of a watch possibly needing to be serviced:

  • The watch does not keep accurate time.
  • The watch runs erratically or stops and starts after it's been fully wound.
  • The manual watch does not fully wind, indicating a possible broken mainspring


An overhaul  consists of complete disassembly of the watch and movement. As a general overview, the following is a partial guideline of our service procedure, to keep you informed about the common steps involved during a routine overhaul process.

We initially conduct a visual overview of the entire watch, check the winding and setting mechanism freedom, and inspect the overall integrity of the timepiece prior to disassembly. Once the watch is taken apart, all the intricate parts, except for the hairspring and balance, are prepared to be ultrasonically cleaned and re-oiled (the hairspring and balance wheels are cleaned with different cleaners specifically designed for those components). The case and band are also cleaned, but in a different ultrasonic that's made for this purpose.

During the overhaul process, nothing is left unobserved by our technicians. We time the movement, check the pivots, barrel arbor and endshake, inspect the jewels for chips and cracks, and check the amplitude of the balance for trueness and proper end play. All damaged or worn parts are replaced with original or factory authorized components. The watch is then re-assembled using the proper tools and re-timed with a digital electronic timing machine. As a final step, the watch is observed for a few more days, while some additional tests are performed to ensure that it's operating properly.


A new band or bracelet is the quickest and most inexpensive way to make your watch look as close to "new" as possible. We carry a full line of replacement watch bracelets, watch straps, and watch bands, ranging from various leather, metals, resin, and cloth materials. We  also have original factory replacements for CASIO, SWISS ARMY, SEIKO, CITIZEN, AND TIMEX. Aftermarket bands by Hadley Roma, Speidel, and Banda Swiss include: Genuine Leather, Suede, Calf Skin, Oilskin, Lizard, Crocodile, Alligator, Metal - both Expandable and Link, Nylon Sport, Rolex, Breitling, Panarai styles and others. We can also conduct basic repairs for your existing watch bracelet, replace buckles, and polish away the normal wear and tear.


Most quartz watches will typically require a new battery within 2-3 years from the time it leaves the factory line. When purchased, the battery of a new watch may have already gone through half its life cycle. This life cycle differs with each watch brand.

Based on manufacturer make and model, every battery-operated watch also requires a specific battery type and size in order to properly function. In some cases, inexperienced watchmakers can easily overlook the correct battery type - - and by the time your watch stops working, the damage is already done. At Toluca Watch Co. we get the job done right, the first time, every time!

It's always a good idea to also perform preventative maintenance each time your watch needs a new battery. As part of our routine Tune-up service, we conduct a series of comprehensive steps to maintain and ensure the integrity of your watch. We perform a general cleaning of the case and bracelet, measure voltages (if applicable), check the contact and seals, and apply re-pressurization when needed.


We can help restore the full value and beauty of any watch with a crystal replacement. Watch crystals are typically made of mineral glass, scratch-free sapphire crystals, or generic plastic material. Watch crystals can break or crack from impact or perhaps from being dropped on a hard surface. Most crystals can be replaced with an original factory part, but we can also manufacture and re-create more difficult, hard to find custom shapes for vintage or unique pieces.


The paint or enamel on older watch dials can start chipping and come off, and the luminosity on the hands of the watch can also erode away. At Toluca Watch Co. we can surgically clean, replace, or repaint the watch dial and hands, and even restore the luminous glow.


We use a computer-based engraving equipment to professionally engrave watch cases, writing instruments, corporate gifts, as well as all types of jewelry items that require special personalization.


Estimates are provided as a free service to our customers. This allows you to have an expert diagnosis of your watch, ensuring that you will be able to make an informed decision about where to have you precious timepiece serviced and which facilities to use.  Most importantly, it allows us to protect you from overpaying for a service, should you decide to go elsewhere.


If you have an older or an inexpensive, inoperable watch that you prefer to modernize for keepsake, we can replace its existing movement with a modern, electronically regulated new quartz movement.  This usually applies to those types of watches where the repair cost  exceed the current value of the timepiece. In most cases, we will not alter the face, hands, lens or casing of the watch. This allows you to maintain the original appearance of your timepiece, with a properly working movement inside.


Toluca Watch Co. specializes in the refinishing and polishing of most brand name watch cases and bracelets. Regardless of the grade or value of your watch, our goal is to bring back the original appearance of your precious timepiece to factory new condition.


For people who swim, dive, or regularly get their watches wet, we recommend you have the seals on your watch checked every 2-3 years and the watch pressure tested. The best time to have this done is during a routine battery replacement.


The crown of the watch is the "knob" on the side of the watch that is used to set the time. If it's bent or damaged, attempting to wind your watch may result in internal damage. A stem is attached to the crown of the watch and goes into the movement. This allows you to set the watch calendar and time. The push buttons are typically located on one or both sides of the crown and they vary in function, based on the brand of the timepiece. In most cases, they are used to engage the chronograph, or help set the times on quartz watches. Most of these can be replaced with original or aftermarket parts to restore the watch's function and appearance, as well as insure the appropriate level of water resistance.